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Wolf and His Gardener

Wolf and His Gardener

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AUTHOR: Marika Maijala
ILLUSTRATOR: Marika Maijala
FORMAT: Hardback • 145 x 200 mm • 64 pages • 4/4 colours
ISBN: 978-952-7105-57-3
AGE: 3+

This is a story about what it’s like to be lonely, and how everything can change when one has the courage to find a friend.

Wolf lives alone in a big castle. He loves painting, but he is sad. He visits the art museum and gets a great idea, or two: he wants to paint a portrait and remodel his garden! Finally he paints a portrait of his gardener. They also have coffee, talk about life, or simply sit together in silence. The portrait wins the local art competition, but suddenly Wolf feels sad again. Where is his gardener? Wolf understands that they have become friends.

Marika Maijala’s picture book takes the reader on a movie-like journey through familiar and also difficult emotions, encouraging us to face our fears and enjoy our lives in the company of friends.

emotions – loneliness – courage – friendship – growth story

• The Most Beautiful Books in Finland 2020

Spanish (worldwide), French, Chinese (simplified)

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Marika Maijala

Marika Maijala

Award-winning Marika Maijala lives and works in Helsinki as visual artist, illustrator and children's author.
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