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Rosie Runs

Rosie Runs

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Ruusun matka
AUTHOR: Marika Maijala
ILLUSTRATOR: Marika Maijala
FORMAT: hardback • 230 x 330 mm • 48 pages • 4/4 colours
ISBN 978-952-7105-30-6
AGE: 5+

Rosie is a race dog. By day she runs at the track, by night she sits in her little cage. One day she doesn’t stop at the end of the track. She jumps over the fence and runs away. Rosie keeps running. Where does Rosie end up?

Marika Maijala’s wildly expressive images and polished-to-perfection text talk sensitively about finding freedom. The book is her debut as an author.

dog- freedom – courage – friendship – adventure

• The White Ravens 2020
• Nominee for The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2019
• Rudolf Koivu Award 2019
• The Most Beautiful Books in Finland 2018

Swedish, French, Korean, Italian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (complex), Spanish (worldwide), English (worldwide)

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Marika Maijala

Marika Maijala

Award-winning Marika Maijala lives and works in Helsinki as visual artist, illustrator and children's author.
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