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Juha Virta & Marika Maijala: Piano karkaa & Kissa katoaa

Juha Virta & Marika Maijala: Piano karkaa & Kissa katoaa

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AUTHOR: Juha Virta

ILLUSTRATOR: Marika Maijala
FORMAT: Hardcover • 26 x 20.8 cm • 80 pages • 5/5 colours
ISBN: 978-952-7105-56-6
PUBLISHED: February 2020
AGE: 3+

The first two volumes of the beloved Filippa & Kumppanit series now in one!

In The Piano's Great Escape story, Filippa and friends find a piano in their yard. Snoozy the Cat decides to move in and André the Donkey runs a cafe there. But Filippa is annoyed because she would like to play the piano. Meanwhile, a pianist is missing his piano and a conductor is missing a sock. How to solve all these problems? A funny story bursting with colors and joy about friendship, music and their unifying power.

piano - music - playing - emotions - mystery

• The White Ravens 2016
• The Most Beautiful Books in Finland 2015
• Golden Prize for Illustration 2015 – Grafia


"A highlight of the year and a classic."
– The Highlights of the Year 2016 

"The Piano's Great Escape is one of those rare books that both parents and children want to read equally."
– Lastenkirjapino blog

In the story The Case of the Missing Cat, Filippa, André the Donkey and Snoozy the Cat head off to an amusement park with a hall of mirrors and a magic show. They meet the magician’s assistant, Cedric the Rabbit, who has a huge problem. The magician has disappeared while performing a special disappearing act, and no one has seen him since. Filippa, her friends and Cedric the Rabbit step up to replace the magician as the main act in the magic show. They improvise a few simple spells and do some stand-up comedy, but their vanishing act causes Snoozy the Cat to go missing, too. Will they find her and the magician before the magic show ends?

cat – magic – helping out – humor – mystery

The Filippa & Company series delights young and old readers with its relaxed approach and apt humor, and has found its way into the hearts of many children. The other parts of the series are Whimsical Numbers  (2018) and The Christmas Twist (2019) and The Color Workshop (2021).

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Juha Virta

Juha Virta

Juha spends his free time working with music and writing children's books. When writing for children, he jokes and plays with language, creating surprising adventures out of everyday events.
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Marika Maijala

Marika Maijala

Award-winning Marika Maijala lives and works in Helsinki as visual artist, illustrator and children's author.
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