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Absurdit aakkoset (Absurd Alphabet)

Absurdit aakkoset (Absurd Alphabet)

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Absurdit aakkoset
AUTHOR: Harri Hertell
MUSIC: Pentti Luomakangas
FORMAT: Hardback • 200 x 280 mm • 60 pages • 4/4 colours ISBN: 978-952-7105-85-6
AGE: 3+

R loves rapping crabs
round red beans
rustling and rattling
the wheezing of the radio

B darts in the buffet, G marvels at gouache paintings in the gallery, I hates ironing... Absurd Alphabet is a fun and new kind of experience: in addition to the printed image and text in the book, each letter of the alphabet has its own soundtrack! The book contains a QR code, through which you can listen to the music and recited poems.

The poet and spoken word artist Harri Hertell’s wild poetry and award-winning visual artist Laura Merz’ meandering paper-cut illustrations are arranged to the beat of filmmaker-musician-composer Pentti Luomakangas’ music into a harmonious absurd rhyme.

This imaginative multi-sensory art work is clearly a classic of the future.

alphabet – language – humour – multisensory – music


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    Harri Hertell

    Absurdit aakkoset is the first book of poetry written for children by Harri Hertell, a multitasker in the art of poetry.

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    Laura Merz

    Laura’s exuberant illustrations are rich with details: minimal yet expressive characters, colourful shapes, patterns and compositions often inspired by nature. Her approach to illustration and design is playful and experimental. Through curiosity, endless material exploration and the pure joy of drawing she creates a bold visual language found in her picture books, textiles, public artworks and community art projects. Laura’s works often include interactive, participatory elements that spark joy, imagination and a sense of wonder in their viewers.

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    Pentti Luomakangas

    Kuvaus tulossa...

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