Collection: Laura Merz

Laura Merz is a Finnish visual artist, illustrator and designer. Her work has been awarded and exhibited worldwide, and her public art can be found in several prestigious buildings in Finland.

Tuhat ja yksi otusta (A Thousand and One Creatures, Etana Editions 2017) was her debut picture book, which received several awards, including the international White Ravens 2017 accolade. Like her debut book, her second work, Among Facinating Creatures (Etana Editions 2019), was  also written by Aino Järvinen. The illustrations of these works have been inspired by Laura's real encounters with animals, and the drawings are a unique combination of minimalism and maximalism: maximum lines and shapes as images to colors and patterns.

Laura has also illustrated the multi-sensory children's book Absurdit aakkoset (Etana Editions 2022) rhymed by the poet Harri Hertell, and composed by Pentti Luomakangas.