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Among fascinating Creatures

Among fascinating Creatures

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Otusten joukossa
CONCEPT: Laura Merz
AUTHOR: Aino Järvinen
FORMAT: Hardback • 230 x 280 mm • 64 pages • 4/4 colours
ISBN: 978-952-7105-42-9
AGE: 5+
GENRE:  non-fiction picture book

Did you know that millipedes are among the oldest creatures on Earth? Or that pandas spend most of their days eating bamboo? How might the lives of these animals be affected by humans?

Find out curious facts about a variety of animals, from insects to ocean giants, each an important part of the Earth’s ecosystem. Not forgetting the role of Man, who is slowly learning to understand his place as a creature among creatures.

The funny and expressive images highlight the unique qualities of each animal, and the text’s fascinating facts make you want to learn more. An independent sequal to its authors’ bestselling A Thousand and One Creatures.

nature – animals – environment – ecology – nature preservation

Chinese (simplified), German

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Aino Järvinen

Aino Järvinen

Aino Järvinen's passion is good stories. Her debut as a writer was A Thousand and One Creatures (2016), illustrated by Laura Merz, which received numerous awards in Finland and internationally. The book's independent sequel Among the Fascinating Creatures (2019) again surprises its readers - big and small - with amazing facts about animals and the life on Earth and makes you want to know more.
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Laura Merz

Laura Merz

Laura’s exuberant illustrations are rich with details: minimal yet expressive characters, colourful shapes, patterns and compositions often inspired by nature. Her approach to illustration and design is playful and experimental. Through curiosity, endless material exploration and the pure joy of drawing she creates a bold visual language found in her picture books, textiles, public artworks and community art projects. Laura’s works often include interactive, participatory elements that spark joy, imagination and a sense of wonder in their viewers.
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