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Why Gary, Why?

Why Gary, Why?

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Miksi Rane, Miksi?
AUTHOR: Hannamari Ruohonen
ILLUSTRATOR: Hannamari Ruohonen
FORMAT: Hardback• 215 x 215 mm• 32 pages• 4/4 colours ISBN: 978-952-7105-80-1 PUBLISHED: 2021
AGE: 1+

The flowerpot breaks, the dog is pulled by the tail, and someone draws on the walls. Gary’s bad mood takes over the home, and all he can say is: Grrr! Eventually Gary finds solace in a parent’s arms and the day gets better.

In the second book of Gary series young readers get to think about what is right, what is wrong, and why Gary behaves this way.

toddler - behaviour - negative age – feelings – emotional skills


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Hannamari Ruohonen

Hannamari Ruohonen

For Etana Editions, Hannamari Ruohonen has created a hilarious series of cardboard books for the youngest readers, which has quickly become one of the favorites in libraries. Gary is an unruly and resourceful baby gorilla who learns new skills every day. Sometimes a bit too resourceful though, his parents think, as Gary goes crazy and their patience is put to the test. The books cleverly support the child's skills and self-esteem: while reading about Gary's exploits, the children encourage him to do the right thing and realize that they themselves know the skill so much better.
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