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The Land of Lanterns

The Land of Lanterns

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Lyhtyjen maa
AUTHOR: Katri Tapola
ILLUSTRATOR: Karoliina Pertamo
FORMAT: Hardback • 220 x 220 mm • 32 pages • 5/5 colours
ISBN 978-952-7105-64-1
AGE: 2+

In the moonlight, the trees whisper and the autumn flowers stretch their necks while all kinds of nocturnal wanderers, crown-headed slugs, moths, glow-worms and fireflys come out of their hiding. They move towards the inviting glow of lanterns, which gather the creatures of the garden together.

The award-winning authors’ sixth collaboration, the poetic good night adventure for young readers leads to the mysterious life of a garden in the dusk of autumn. The atmospheric evening tale lulls little readers into the land of dreams.

bedtime story – garden – creature – lantern – journey


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Katri Tapola

Katri Tapola

"I have always written. There is nothing better than writing and the free flow of my own images. I write because it is my way to my innermost self. Literature is encountering and understanding oneself and others."
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Karoliina Pertamo

Karolina Pertamo

Award-winning illustrator Karoliina Pertamo illustrates children's books.
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