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Magic Knitting Needles

Magic Knitting Needles

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AUTHOR: Meria Palin
FORMAT: Hardback • 110 x 310 mm • 32 pages • 4/4 colours
ISBN: 978-952-7105-20-7
AGE: 2+

It’s cold. It’s cold outside, but it’s also cold inside because the heater isn’t working. A mother and her daughter are freezing. They need woolen socks and a long woolen scarf, a scarf long enough to warm everything: the house, the trees and the whole frozen world around them.

Meria Palin’s enchanting debut Magic Knitting Needles is a silent book based on purely visual storytelling. It is a comforting timeless story about how caring for others warms our hearts and how we all want to be safe and have a place to call home.

winter – home – safety – knitting – caring – mother-daughter relationship – silent book

• The Most Beautiful Books in Finland 2020

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Meria Palin

Meria Palin

Meria Palin is an illustrator who believes that children should have a variety of books available. Merja also believes in the magical power of the pen, the safety and comfort of reading together, and the healing power of reading.
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