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A Little Big Story About Love

A Little Big Story About Love

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Pieni suuri tarina rakkaudesta
AUTHOR: Réka Király
FORMAT: Hardback • 195 x 220 mm • 32 pages • 4/4 colours
ISBN 978-952-7105-84-9
AGE: 3+

A touching reflection of love and acceptance, this book tells how the Owl falls in love.

The Owl and his friends in the forest – the gentle Fox, the witty Hedgehog, the funny Mouse, the shy Bear and the confused Rabbit - learn that there are many kinds of love and that sometimes we have to let our loved ones go. The friends prepare a special package for the Owl, full of shared memories, and let him fly away to find his love.

love – family – acceptance


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Réka Király

Réka Király

Réka Király talks about her creative process: "Let it be a picture book, pattern design, illustration, unique piece or everyday life, drawing is a way of thinking for me. It is my process of making sense of this world."
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