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A Little Big Story About Christmas

A Little Big Story About Christmas

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Pieni suuri tarina joulusta
AUTHOR: Réka Király
FORMAT: Hardback • 195 x 220 mm • 40 page •, 4/4 colours
ISBN 978-952-7105-27-6
AGE: 3+

Christmas is coming and the friends need a Christmas tree. But no one wants to go to the forest as it is guarded by is the scary Bear. They decide to go together and the bear surprises them. Can it be that Bear is nice after all, and just a loner? And what will the best Christmas gift this year?

A little book about how everything isn’t always as it seems.

The captivating and beloved Little Big Story series by Réka Király contemplates the big questions of life in a fun and gentle way that speaks to the whole family. The common themes of the four books include friendship, togetherness and emotions known to us all.

winter – Christmas – prejudice  – fear  – friendship


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Réka Király

Réka Király

Réka Király talks about her creative process: "Let it be a picture book, pattern design, illustration, unique piece or everyday life, drawing is a way of thinking for me. It is my process of making sense of this world."
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