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What Kind of Me?

What Kind of Me?

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Millainen minä?
AUTHOR: Jenni Erkintalo
ILLUSTRATOR: Jenni Erkintalo
FORMAT: Hardback • 160 x 160 mm • 32 pages • 4/4 colours
ISBN 978-952-7105-11-5
AGE: 1+

This little readers' picture book explores feelings and their expressions. How do you look when you are happy or sad?

Focusing on the essential, the simple images painted with skillful strokes and the accompanying, aptly rhymed text offer a great little guide to human emotions.

Reading the book, the whole family can practise together how to describe different emotional states and how to handle them.

emotions – emotional skills – self-image – learning –

• Punni Award Honorable Mention 2018 / The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature

Chinese (simplified)

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Jenni Erkintalo

Jenni Erkintalo

Jenni Erkintalo's mixed media illustrations often combine clear shapes and fresh colors. Many of her books deal with big topics in a gentle way suitable for small children, for example with the help of rhythmic rhymes and relatable characters.
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