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Väritä paraati – Colouring Parade

Väritä paraati – Colouring Parade

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Väritä paraati – Colouring Parade
FORMAT: Leporello • 17 x 25 folded / 50 x 70 unfolded  • 32 pages  • 2/2 colors
ISBN: 978-952-7105-06-1
AGE: 3+

Väritä paraati – Colouring Parade is a fun coloring book that folds into an accordion and opens into a large poster.

Grab a marker, chalk or colored pencil and color the picture page by page and come up with a new story with the help of pictures. Color inside or outside the edges - this book cannot be colored wrong. When you're done, unfold the folds into a big poster and invite your friends to take a look!


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Antti Kalevi

Antti Kalevi

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