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The Posse and the Inventor's Cave

The Posse and the Inventor's Cave

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Jengi keksijän kätkössä
AUTHOR: Jenni Tuominen and Jukka Pylväs
ILLUSTRATOR: Jenni Tuominen and Jukka Pylväs
FORMAT: Hardback • 297 x 210 mm • 32 pages • 4/4 colours ISBN: 978-952-7105-45-0
AGE: 3+

In the second title of the series, the friends from Muzzle Hollow are up for a nature adventure. Caesar Calamari’s tent is packed, and a night spent in the forest is full of excitement. The next day they find a huge fallen tree and within it, a tunnel... Who is hiding underground?

The Posse series’ playful charm is created through clear and bright illustrations and stories about the joy of doing things together. A joyous and colourful set of characters grab the attention of young readers right away. Created by awarded artist couple Jenni Tuominen and Jukka Pylväs, the books are an ode to collaboration and anarchic mixed-mindedness.

camping trip – nature – adventure – mystery – inventor – friendship


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    Jenni Tuominen

    Jenni Tuominen is one of the most versatile and active Finnish illustration artists. Her personal style is recognizable in all the artistic mediums of expression she uses, whether it's a Marimekko fabric pattern, ceramic miniature sculptures or book illustrations.

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    Jukka Pylväs

    Jukka Pylväs is a friend and master of reduction and laconic humor. He is an insightful author and illustrator whose Jengi picture book series was created in collaboration with Jenni Tuominen.

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