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Taste Buddies

Taste Buddies

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AUTHOR: Veronica Lassenius
ILLUSTRATOR: Veronica Lassenius
FORMAT: Hardback • 220 x 220 mm • 32 pages • 4/4 colours
ISBN 978-952-7105-62-7
AGE 3+

A journey into the secrets of the sense of taste, The Taste Buddies is a fun book about food, tastes and how we all can learn to recognize our own favourite tastes and try new ones.

There are five established tastes, and each one has its own special characteristics: sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, and umami. Which foods contain these tastes, and how can they be combined?

This work of nonfiction, narrated like a story, helps children to learn about their sense of taste. The book also encourages children to explore new flavours and includes suggestions for different foods children can try.

senses – tastes – food – flavors – discovery



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Veronica Lassenius

Veronica Lassenius

Veronica Lassenius works with Pablo Jordan in their Pikkukala studio, which has produced, among others, Fungi animations, the award-winning Saari animation series and the Royals Next Door series, sold to several countries.
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