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Sleep Now, Sam!

Sleep Now, Sam!

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Nuku nyt, Viljo!
AUTHOR: Ylva Karlsson
ILLUSTRATOR: Erika Kallasmaa
TRANSLATOR: Tiina Erkintalo
FORMAT: Hardback • 210 x 210 mm •  40 pages • 4/4 colours PUBLISHED: 2022
ISBN 978-952-7105-82-5
AGE: 3+

Sam is going to bed, but his big sister Lily gets to stay up a little longer. Suddenly Sam no longer feels sleepy. There’s clearly a tiger lurking behind the door, and a gorilla, maybe even a crocodile and a pike! Sam is scared, and he needs his father to stay with him.

Sleep now Sam tells the story that is oh so familiar to parents, when bedtime takes forever and nerves are frayed.

The first collaboration between two acclaimed artists, Swedish writer Ylva Karlsson and Finnish illustrator Erika Kallasmaa, the book’s humorous story and perceptive illustration vividly capture a child’s lively mind and makes the reader guess what is true and what is imagination.

bedtime – sleeplessness – imagination – family – single parent

• 100 Outstanding Picturebooks 2023


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Ylva Karlsson

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Erika Kallasmaa

Erika Kallasmaa

Erika's works are characterized by relaxed visual expression and rich compositions, and although her images are often exuberantly rich, the use of colors is controlled. For her, visuality is all-encompassing and comprehensive narration that expands to thoughts, feelings and actions.
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