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Onni-poika puuhaa kotona

Onni-poika puuhaa kotona

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Onni-poika puuhaa kotona
AUTHOR: Sanna Pelliccioni
ILLUSTRATOR: Sanna Pelliccioni
FORMAT: softcover • 297 x 210 mm • 32 pages • 1 sticker sheet • 4/4 colours
ISBN: 978-952-7105-74-0
AGE: 3+

This fun activity and sticker book related to the popular Onni book series helps Onni in the housework!

Onni has plenty to do at home: cleaning, organizing toys, planting flowers on the balcony, preparing a birthday party as well as breakfast for the family. In the book there are 50 different stickers, which Onni’s little helpers can attach to their correct places.

activity book – sticker book – drawing


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Sanna Pelliccioni

Sanna Pelliccioni

Sanna Pelliccioni says about her work: "I love writing for children and young people, illustrating picture books and poems, and graphic design of book covers. I illustrate with many different techniques, of which my favorites at the moment are collage and various mixed media techniques."
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