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Oh Vivian!

Oh Vivian!

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Written by: Sari Airola
Illustrated by: Sari Airola
Release date: October 2023
ISBN: 978-952-7105-96-2
Binding: hardcover
Number of pages : 32 pages
Size: 25 x 17 cm
Colors: 4/4
Age: 3+

There is a ruckus in the daycare yard. Friends admire pictures of each other's pets. Vivian feels left out. Her ears are ringing. Cheeks are hot. She can't think of anything to say. Suddenly she exclaims, "I got three kittens!"

White Lie has settled on Vivian's shoulder. It is wonderfully soft and warm. It whispers things to Vivian that Vivian likes. About kittens, ice cream and a beach holiday. About things that haven't quite happened yet, but almost. Or they could happen.

Lie grows a little bigger. It's already starting to weigh a bit and itch too. Vivian would like to leave Lie at home, but she doesn't agree to stay. It thinks kindergarten is fun and Vivian needs it. It has already become bigger than Vivian.

Vivian gets to know all kinds of lies and their world. A fascinating adventure charms Vivian until the lies grow too big. Fortunately, Vivian comes up with a solution to tame the lies together with her friends.

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Get to know the author

Sari Airola

Sari Airola

Sari loves books and gets excited by good stories, new colors and themes. In her illustrations, she uses several different techniques: acrylic colors, ink, gouache and collage. The multidimensionality of the picture book is close to her heart.
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