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A Year with the Wind

A Year with the Wind

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Tuulen vuosi
AUTHOR: Hanna Konola
FORMAT: Hardback • 208 x 260 mm • 28 pages • 3/3 colours
ISBN 978-952-7105-08-5
AGE: 3+

When was the wind born?
What does it do, and where does it go?

The story of the wind is full of gentle breaths, easy breezes, and bigger gusts at different times of the year. The wind itself is invisible, but its motion can be felt and seen around us every day.

Hanna Konola’s award-winning, poetic picture book invites the reader to observe the environment from a whole new perspective.

wind - seasons - nature - observation - senses - haiku

• Bologna Ragazzi Award Special Mention 2018
• The Most Beautiful Books in Finland 2016

English (worldwide) Chinese (simplified), Italian, French, Korean, Spanish (worldwide), Galician

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Get to know the author

Hanna Konola

Hanna Konola

Hanna Konola describes her work: "My work process is a kind of way of existing. My works are traces that my life leaves behind. My process is intuitive and I focus on materials, colors and shapes that fascinate me. I observe and study the everyday life and the layers of time hidden in it."
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