Onni-poika kunnioittaa muita ja miettii tavaratulvaa

The little boy Onni respects others and wonders why there's so much stuff in his home

- Mum. If you always get everything you want, you will never be satisfied, Onni reminds.

- You don't always have to get everything new, Olavi adds.

Sanna Pelliccioni's Onni-poika and friends contains two stories: Onni-poika gets a new friend and Onni-poika wants everything. The first tells about how Onni befriends Aram, an Iranian boy who moved next door. In the second, Onni celebrates her birthday, and with birthdays her desire for new toys reaches its peak. Parents get nervous when there are toys everywhere at home. The family ends up taking some of the goods to the flea market.

Both Onni stories are guaranteed new children's picture books for both girls and boys, and the topics of the double volume are burningly current. Finland is internationalizing its internationalization. An attitude of respect for other cultures is born as a child: it is important to learn about diversity and, on the other hand, also about the sameness of cultures. Aram's family celebrates an Iranian holiday like Easter, for example.

Almost every home also suffers from too much stuff. Onni-poika wants everything evokes the idea that you don't have to have or own everything. And as the children's comments to their mother quoted at the beginning show, there is also something to think about in the parents' own ways of doing things.

Author: Sanna Pelliccioni
Illustrator: Sanna Pelliccioni
Title: Onni-poika and Friends
Publisher: Etana Editions 2019
Size: 22 x 16 cm
Number of pages: 64
Age group: 3+

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