Mikä on joulun salaisuus?

What is the secret of Christmas?

Filippa and her friends Andrew the Donkey, Cedric the Rabbit and Nokonen the Cat are waiting for Christmas in a peaceful atmosphere. However, they run out of candies, and as everyone knows, that doesn't work at Christmas. Filippa goes to get more chocolate candies. However, she doesn't make it all the way to the store, instead she goes to follow the tracks in the snow - and ends up underground to meet Santa Claus!

Each of the friends goes out in turn to get candies, and each of them runs into Santa Claus on the way. How is it possible? Wasn't there supposed to be only one Santa Claus?


Juha Virta's
and Marika Maijala's Filippa & Friends – Christmas Twist is a charming story about what is really important at Christmas.


Maijala's illustrations are full of Christmas magic: there are wonderful Christmas shops, chestnut sellers and ice rinks. Virta's story is funny and surprising.

I think a particularly funny detail is that sometimes you have to read the book sideways. Then you can admire, for example, the world under the tree stump, where one of the Santa Clauses has his workshop. The illustrations are guaranteed to have plenty to wonder about for little readers.

Christmas Twist is a sequel to the other Filippa books The Piano's Great Escape and The Case of the Missing Cat. However, the book works really well, even if you haven't read the previous parts.


Author: Juha Virta
Illustrator: Marika Maijala
ISBN: 978-952-7105-47-4
Work: Filippa & Friends – Joulu juksaa
Publisher: Etana Editions 2019
Size: 26 x 20.8 cm
Pages: 40
Age: 3+

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