Lapselle lukeminen kannattaa aina

Reading to a child is always worthwhile

In the midst of busy family life with children, nothing calms down like an unhurried reading moment spent together. The addictive contents of digital devices compete with the traditional book for our free time, but a high-quality picture book is still the best user interface for relaxing and quieting down.

Children's books can be integrated into families' everyday life. In addition to evening fairy tales, picture book moments can be sprinkled throughout the day, when they rhythm the transition from one activity to another and tune in to a relaxed togetherness.

Even very young babies can be read aloud. The reading of books, heard in the lap of a parent, develops the baby's interaction skills and supports language development. Reading moments experienced in the safe company of an adult leave deep memories. 

Reading aloud to a child also develops the child's own reading skills, and you can also take turns with a child who is already reading. The common reflection stemming from the rhymes, stories and illustrations of the books brings the family closer together and gives the parent the opportunity to peek into their own child's world of thought. 

You should always choose a book according to the child's own level of development and interest. In a good picture book, text and visual narration support each other and help the child understand the events of the story. It also creates a safe environment for the child to learn and examine their own feelings and thoughts. By getting to know different worlds, the child's self-awareness, imagination, and ability to empathize are strengthened.

At the Etana Editions children's book publishing house, known for its experiential stories and bold imagery, we believe that the quality of children's literature should not be compromised. Important memories of family reading moments together and the adventures experienced in them travel with us throughout life.



Jenni Erkintalo: What Kind of Me?
A compact, wear-resistant book deals with big issues. The work, realized with skillful strokes and catchy rhymes, offers happy and accepting emotional education for children (and adults) of many ages.

Isabel Minhos Martins and Madalena Matoso: When I Was Born
A poetic and colorful story of a baby's birth and development, with the help of senses and experiences, grows into a larger tale about the diversity of the world. A rewarding reading experience for both children and adults. Recommended from the age of 1.

Sanna Pelliccioni: Onni and Friends 
The beloved Onni boy once again faces familiar situations from everyday life, which the child can easily identify with. The common themes of the two books in this double volume are friendship, multiculturalism and ecology. Recommended for children aged 2-7 years.

Anne Vasko: Flying Kiss 
A charming play of pictures and letters about the encounter between an airplane and a library bus deals with the wild feeling of falling in love and the sweet melancholy of disappointment. Recommended for children aged 3-7 years.

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