Etana Editions kirjakatalogi 2021

Etana Editions Book Catalog 2021

There is no age limit for reading a picture book. That is to say, picture books are works of art larger than their size, and you can't judge their impact based on the cover alone.

In the picture books, big topics and questions are expressed concisely and in heavy sentences, and the pages are filled with colorful, bold and unique visual art that help to move the story forward smoothly. This magic of picture books speaks to both children and adults: while the adult reads the story aloud, the child's eyes focus on what the pictures tell. And in this magical moment, the content of the picture book becomes a whole story for the reader, which the words and pictures carry together, hand in hand. 

The books read in childhood will be remembered. Important memories of the family's shared reading moments and the adventures experienced in them stay with us through life like dear friends. When a child is learning to read, picture books offer familiar, accessible and reliable support for the first steps of reading. Picture books open the door not only to literature but also to visual art and a way for every reader to find their own visual expression, regardless of age. 

Etana's 2021 book selection has again been carefully curated. It contains a wide variety of picture books in terms of expression and subject matter, which meet the needs of small and slightly older readers to understand life and figure out what all it can contain.

Children's books can change the world, that's what we believe here at Etana Editions. We wish you enjoyable reading with our picture books.

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