Annantalon muotoiluseikkailu on täynnä toivoa tulevasta

Annantalo's design adventure is full of hope for the future


Blog post: Emmi Maaranen

Etana Editions is participating in Children's Design Week in Annantalo from 9th to 15th. September 2019. The design adventure is planned and produced in cooperation with the Finnish Society for Design Education (SuoMu) and Helsinki Design Week, and the producer of the event is Helena Fernström . This year's theme is learning climate, and the theme of the children's event is also wrapped around environmental issues and the future.

Jenni Erkintalo and Réka Király of Etana Editions have planned a design adventure for Annantalo together with Mari Savio and Viivi Lehtonen. In the adventure, for example, you can build amazing world-healing machines from scraps of digital devices, come up with world-healing ideas in a dark Brainstorming room, and read current children's books on the subject.

The idea behind the design adventure is that there is beauty and hope in the world even in the era of climate change. The adventure teaches you to think creatively and interdisciplinary – design is not just about finding a form, but also about solving problems. What if climate change can be fought specifically with creative thinking?

The design dventure encourages you to wonder and let your imagination run wild. The world is full of big and scary questions right now, and the adventure inspires children to find the answers. Or what would you say about the advice the children came up with in the Brainstorming room: "Don't bully", "Reduce the use of plastic" and "Don't eat cows"?

The design adventure is suitable for children aged five and up. It is open Mon–Fri 8 am–8 pm and Sat–Sun 10 am–4 pm. The entire program can be found at

Helsinki Design Week
Producer: Helena Fernström
Graphic design: Jenni Väre
For more information about Children's Design Week, please contact producer Helena Fernström,

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