Etana means snail in Finnish. Etana’s – the snail’s home always goes with it, and so does a child’s home too when a favourite book is under their arms. A child who can express and tell his or her story can find their place in the world.

Jenni Erkintalo and Reka Kiraly founded Etana Editions in 2014. They are the antennas of Etana / snail, that receives children’s wishes and needs. The antennas are helped by a set of wonderful storytellers who create the shell house of stories on the back of Etana / snail.


Authors / Illustrators


Ilja Karsikas is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Kallio, Helsinki. He graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the Lahti Institute of Design in 2003, after which he did a lot of graphic design, book design and posters alongside illustration. Since 2009 Ilja has focused on illustration. Ilja has illustrated four children’s books. His illustrations have been displayed in several exhibitions and design publications in Finland and abroad. His next children’s book, Amos and Fog-tree, will be published in the Spring of 2017.

Jenni Tuominen is a freelance designer, illustrator and visual artist living and working in Porvoo, Finland. She studied fine arts at the Turku Academy of Arts and graphic design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Jenni has designing various patterns for the children’s collection of Marimekko. In the recent years she has been working with ceramics and sculpting. Her works have been exhibited in many countries across the globe.

Maija Hurme is a children´s book illustrator who lives in Helsinki. She has illustrated picture books, poetry books, school books and fact books for children. She likes to gets her fingers dirty of crayons, paint and pastels, constantly looking for the right colours and materials for the project at hand. Atlas of Solitary Islands is her debut as an author-illustrator.

Meria Palin is a children’s book illustrator based in Helsinki, Finland. She believes in the diversity of children’s books and the magical power of a pencil. Meria also runs drawing workshops at The Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki. In 2017 she will continue her studies of children’s books illustration in Cambridge.

Jenni Rope is a Finnish artist and illustrator, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Her artwork has been exhibited widely in Finland and abroad. Besides this, Jenni has made picture book, illustrations, album covers and print design e.g. for Marimekko. She is also the founder of the publishing house Napa Books.

Aino Järvinen is a retired Finnish language teacher who has always had an interest in writing and storytelling. Aino and Laura Merz have known each other since forever, as Aino is Laura’s godmother. When working on the book Thousand and One Creatures, Aino’s challenge was to create an inspirational narrative that would fascinate young and adult readers alike. In 2016 her debut book Thousand and One Creatures received The Most Beautiful Books of 2016 prize awarded by the Finnish Book Art Committe.


Hanna Konola is an internationally acclaimed illustrators and artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Her works can be found from Scandinavia to Japan on paper products, books and magazines. In Hanna’s works randomness meets precize analytical approach. The outcome is often plafyul yet sensitive just like in her new book A Year with the Wind. In 2016 her debut book A Year with the Wind received The Most Beautiful Books of 2016 prize awarded by the Finnish Book Art Committe.


Laura Merz is an artist, textile designer and illustrator living and working in Helsinki and Berlin. Thousand and One Creatures is her first children’s book. Laura is fascinated by nature and wildlife. The inspiration for her illustrations comes from real-life encounters with animals. Laura’s and drawings are often humorous and rich with quirky details. Her works are a combination of minimalism and maximalism, an eclectic mix of simplified lines and forms and an abundance of colours and textures. In 2016 her debut book Thousand and One Creatures received The Most Beautiful Books of 2016 prize awarded by the Finnish Book Art Committe.


Antti Kalevi is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Helsinki, Finland. His work is characterized by colorful geometric shapes, unique hand-drawn textures and happy characters, which is often seen as a playful combination of digital and analog media. You can meet his energetic characters in the new colouring book Colouring Parade with Antti Kalevi. Currently Antti is dividing his time between commercial assignments and own artistic projects implementations.


Marika Maijala is an award winning illustrator who has been illustrating and designing children’s books since 2003. Together with Juha Virta, she wrote and illustrated the Sylvi Kepponen children’s book series. In 2009 she received the prestigious Rudolf Koivu prize for illustration. Marika’s work has been nominated twice for the Finlandia Junior prize. The Escaping Piano is the first book in the Filippa & Company series. In 2016 the book received The Most Beautiful Books of 2015 prize awarded by the Finnish Book Art Committee, the Gold Award in the Best of the Year 2015 competition by Grafia and was selected to The White Ravens 2016 list. Marika Maijala is nominated to ALMA.


Juha Virta is a teacher and new-media artist, writer living and working in Helsinki, Finland. He has been dedicated to music for years. Juha established Déclassé band and wrote the bands songs lyrics since 2005. He has written with Marika Maijala the Sylvi Kepponen -children’s book series, that has been published in various languages around the world. Juha writes with dedication to the language creating twists and turn in the story with humour. His latest book Filippa & Company, The Great Escape is the first book in the Filippa & Company series.

Jenni Erkintalo is a Finnish graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Jenni worked with public art and communication projects for many years before she started a new adventure into the world of children’s book illustration. Her debut book Colours and Creatures in 2014 was sold out in less than a year and received wide praise from both young readers and educators. Since then, two new books by her have been published. Jenni’s stories combine playful words and illustrations with lively surfaces and painterly strokes.


Reka Kiraly is a Hungarian born graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Réka has worked with children’s culture since 2005. Her books have been translated to various languages and received prizes, such as The Most Beautiful Books prize in consecutive years and The White Ravens 2015. Her first book for Etana Editions, One more is a dadaist adventure. In 2015, the book received The Most Beautiful Books of 2014 prize awarded by the Finnish Book Art Committee. Réka uses odd colour combinations and modular systmes in her works and is fascinated by modular systems.

Photograph © Aino Huovio and Minna Kurjenluoma