Etana — the snail — carries always its home with it. And so do children too, when they carry their favourite book under their arm.

— Jenni & Réka, Etana Editions

The award winning publishing house was founded by Jenni Erkintalo and Reka Kiraly in 2014. They are the sensitive antennas of Etana, ready to receive children’s wishes. They work with a set of wonderful storytellers and illustrators, who create the shell house of stories filled with colour and share a joint passion for high quality children's books.

In six years, Etana Editions has published over 50 books and held dozens of design and storytelling workshops for children. So far foreign rights of 14 original Etana titles have been sold to 12 languages. Etana Editions has received numerous awards in Finland and internationally, among them the prestigious nominations for ALMA Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2018 and BOP Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publisher of the Year 2018. The same year, Etana Editions was honoured with the Onnimanni Prize by the Institute of Children’s Literature for its courage and vision for promoting picture books in Finland.

In autumn 2020 Etana Editions received State Prize for Children’s Culture 2020.

Grounds for awarding the State Prize for Children’s Culture:

Founded in 2014 by Jenni Erkintalo and Réka Király, Etana Editions is a small independent publishing house specializing in children’s picture books. During its first six years, the company has quickly gained a prestigious position in the field of Finnish children’s literature. Etana Editions’ books are rich in content, bold in their illustrations and high-quality in their material choices. In the company’s thinking, the illustration is not subordinate to the text, but a significant part of the story’s narration.

The owners of the publishing house are also prominent illustrators and authors of children’s books themselves. Strong expertise in image and visual storytelling is reflected in all activities of the publishing house. Despite its small size, Etana Editons’ books have received numerous notable awards and nominations and are also known abroad. The authors of the publishing house have a strong representation of Finnish and international illustration and graphic design professionals, who contribute to enriching Finnish children’s book art.

Etana Editions represents a new, author-driven way of publishing of children’s picture books in Finland. In a short time, it has been able to create a completely new generation of Finnish children’s books and has survived the challenging commercial pressures in the industry. The publishing house’s activities are valuable from the point of view of the Finnish children’s picture book and children’s culture: the publication of artistically outstanding picture books in Finland and their internationalization strengthen the expertise and development of the entire field in Finland. The awarding of Etana Editions is a recognition of the unique, content-driven and high-quality children’s picture book of a small language area and the work of two dedicated professionals who are passionate about their cause.

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